Boiler Repairs and Servicing Bristol

\Your boiler is a really important part of your home, however it is often forgotten, as it’s generally hidden away and out of sight. The fact is this though: you shouldn’t forget about your boiler, and you should have it serviced on a regular basis.

Why Service Your Boiler?

Pipe Work Boiler InstallationYou should have your boiler serviced once a year, and this is for one very important reason: looking after your boiler will help to prevent many of the common boiler problems from ever surfacing, and this could save you the expense of having to have a new boiler installed in the future. What’s more, a service can also spot any problems that are developing – problems that can be fixed before they get any worse.

A boiler service is a relatively quick procedure, and is not an expensive one. We’ll simply start the boiler and run through a checklist, to see if we can spot any faults. Our professional experience also allows us to spot some faults that might not be immediately obvious. We’ll also inspect the various elements of the boiler, such as the component, to ensure that they are still in good condition. This whole process will generally take around an hour – providing there are no unexpected issues that need to be dealt with – and will be performed by a fully qualified engineer.

Boiler Repairs in Bristol

Even with regular servicing, there are still times when your boiler might need repairing though, and we can carry out these repairs quickly, professionally and for a price you can afford. Some of the more commonly seen problems that we are able to remedy include:

  • Lack of hot water
  • Loud noises coming from the boiler
  • Radiators failing to heat up
  • Lack of pressure in your water
  • Issues with your thermostat

If you have any of the problems listed above, you should contact us straightaway. Most boiler repairs are relatively simple, however if they’re allowed to develop you could find yourself with a larger, more expensive job on your hands. In some cases, allowing a problem to continue unchecked could lead to you requiring a whole new boiler to be installed.

Why Choose CRB Plumbing and Heating?

When you choose CRB Plumbing and Heating for your boiler servicing and repairs, you can be sure that you’re working with the best in the area. We only employ staff members who have obtained the City & Guilds qualification, plus we are also Gas Safe registered. Perhaps more importantly though, you can trust us to provide relevant and honest advice to you. What’s more, our expert services don’t come with a huge price attached to them, so why not get a quote today?

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If you’d like us to come and service or repair your boiler, or if you simply need to talk to someone about a heating or plumbing issue you’re experiencing, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can call us on 07708781814, or alternatively you can email us via

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