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At CRB Plumbing and Heating, we’re experts at installing solid fuel boilers, and have successfully completed installs for a number of customers throughout Bristol. Solid fuel can take the form of many different materials, ranging from coal all the way through to paper, and more and more people are turning to this option, as the cost of energy prices increases.

We want you to be able to make an educated decision on whether solid fuel boilers are right for you, which is why we’ve created this page. So, on this page, you’ll learn why so many people are now turning to solid fuel central heating, what they are exactly, and what types of solid fuel you can use.

Wood Burning Stove

What are Solid Fuel Boilers?

A standard boiler takes its fuel from an external source, such as the electricity grid or main gas pipelines. Solid fuel heating systems are isolated from any outside sources though. Instead, you’ll need to feed the boiler with a solid fuel, which can be wood, paper, coal, or many other options. The heat created by the burning fuel is then used to heat water around your home, allowing your radiators to remain warm, and your taps to run hot.

There are three main types of solid fuel boilers, and they are:

·        Independent Boilers. These are boilers that are automatic, meaning that you won’t have to feed the fire constantly. A hopper will distribute the fuel on a regular basis, so you’ll simply need to top up the hopper as and when required. These are the most advanced boilers, and are preferred by those without the time to tend to a fire all day.

·      Wood Burning Cooker  Cookers. Cookers are the most aesthetically pleasing of all solid fuel boilers, and they’re chosen by those looking to add a feature to their home, as well as a practical and cost-saving appliance. They are rarely automatic, however don’t require too much tending. Cookers can burn a wide variety of different fuels.

·        Stoves. Like cookers, these can also burn many types of fuel, but are rarely automatic. You can  have a wood burner with a back boiler fitted which allows for the heat to be used for cooking as well as providing domestic hot water.

If you’d like to find out more about the different types of solid fuel boilers you can have installed in your home, we’d be more than happy to talk with you about this, either on the phone or in person.

What Exactly is Solid Fuel?

Solid fuel comes in many different forms, and essentially refers to anything that can be burned to create heat. The most common solid fuels used in households in the UK are coal, wood and paper, however alternatives to these can be found. Many people choose to use wood pellets, which are automatically fed into the boiler from a hopper, however the choice is completely up to you!

The main benefit to solid fuel is a simple one: cost. Electricity and gas prices seem to be on a never-ending increase, and this is hitting the pockets of more and more people in the UK. Solid fuels haven’t seen such large price rises in the past though, making them a much more affordable alternative. What’s more, you buy the fuel in advance, so you’ll never be hit with an unexpected utility bill again because of your boiler.

Many people also feel that solid fuel boilers are much more environmentally friendly. Using the huge gas and electricity infrastructures is something that leaves a massive carbon footprint, however solid fuel has a much lower environmental impact, especially if you can source the fuel locally. The environment is becoming a bigger issue by the day, and we all need to do our part in saving it.

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